Frequently Asked Question

A psychedelics lover is a critical thinker, hence before you buy LSD or DMT from us, what would you like to know?

There is always something troubling the mind, and we are here to answer it all for you. Best customer service and support in the psychedelic world and market. Bellow, you will find a few questions many customers ask from us. feel free to move to contact us for further inquiry.



How do I request a refund ?

Refund requests and exchange of product we accept within 72 hours after the package is consider to have touch down. This is done by writing to our customer service through our quick chat button bellow and inserting your phone number, e-mail address and order ID number.

How long before I get my refund ?

Immediately after the request has been confirm, the processing will take up to 5 business days from the time of initiation.

How do you ship ?

We ship world wide multiple packages at the same time and overnight shipping is included to ensure quick delivery. In partnership with multiple shipping companies at various shipping points to ensure a high delivery success rate.


How safe are my informations?

To keep our customers secured, all customer information received is categorized as confidential. As such it is discretely handled and undisclosed to any third party.

How is the LSD transported?

We ship our products very discretely with top shelf stealth that prevents radar detection, and for large orders we guarantee order division into smaller and safer package sizes to lower the risks.

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